Thursday, January 27, 2011

Super Bowl Bound!

I have been a deadbeat blogger lately.  It seems I can't keep up with life!  I don't know about you, but I am officially over winter!  The flu bug hit our house and it has overstayed its welcome! 

Fortunately, we had long enough of a reprieve of the bug's visit between Ethan getting it and the unwanted bug moving on to Grace that we were able to venture to Chicago this past weekend.  No, not for the epic Packers/Bears game, but for my sweet cousin's baby's baptism.  It was an event to remember.  My cousin did a fabulous job planning a stylish and glamorous Greek Orthodox baptism.  Those Greek's sure know how to go all out!  Think "My Big Fat Greek Baptism" but with style :)

The Packers' victory was just icing on the cake for our visit!  My husband and Ethan made sure to wear their Packers' jerseys loud and proud while we were there.  And since Midwesterner's generally are not rude, we received no death threats - just collegial jabs.  It was all in good fun.

In honor of the Packers' glorious win and trip to the Super Bowl, this post is dedicated to all things football.  My family is 3rd generation season ticket holders.  For those of you who aren't up on the coveted season ticket issue - the waiting list for Packer season tickets is so long that people put their unborn children on the list only hoping that they will get tickets sometime in their unborn child's lifetime!  Season tickets have come between families, caused divorces, created lawsuits - season ticket holder status is serious business here in Packer land!

So when I saw the Shindig Parties To Go football printables that Amanda created, I had to have them!!!  The Packer printables are both festive and preppy!  I can't wait to use them next weekend for our small family gathering.  I'm sure they will bring us good luck. 

You just can't have cute decor - no Super Bowl party is complete without high calorie content, sugar stuffed yummies!  A co-worker of mine has a little side business making delicious gourmet cupcakes.  Check out Laura at Cupcakes A-Go-Go located in Madison. You can order online and have them custom filled with mousse, whipped cream, Oreo cookies, or cookie dough!  Can you say YUM!!!  (And she makes gluten free cupcakes too!)

How cute are these cookies to coordinate with Amanda's printables?

Even though she is a Steelers' girl, I still love her and her fabulous ideas.  Head on over to Maddycakes Muse to check out Michelle's fun and fabulous ideas for a football party!  I love, love, love this chip and dip bar (probably because I could eat chips for breakfast I love them so much!)

Spaceship and Laserbeams has team-neutral football fun printables for your Super Bowl party.  If you haven't checked them out, they have ADORABLE ideas for boys' parties.


We are very excited in our house to cheer on the Pack for a Super Bowl victory!  May the best and cheesiest team win :) 

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Prom People Problem Solved

I previously posted my dilemma of what to do with these cute prom people. 
With much help from my party pals, I've found a place for them.  I decided to adorn square vases with them and use them for centerpieces.  Here is what I came up with:

I used silver glitter paper and wrapped the outside of a glass square vase.  I realized the corners aren't covered, but, hay, I just pretend to be a party planner :)  I then took sequin trim found in the ribbon section at Hobby Lobby and wrapped the top of the paper.  I then adhered the prom people onto the paper.  It was more difficult to get them to stick to the glitter paper than I thought it would be.  Tape and scrapbook squares did not work.  I ended up using school glue.

So now I have my dilemma of what to fill the containers with.  Of course blush pink roses would probably look really nice, or Grace's favorite flower, tulips.  But I'm still trying to think outside the box.  I've been wanting to try to make a feather pomander for a while.  I put one together tonight using a feather boa from the Valentine section at Hobby Lobby (30% off this week) and a foam ball.  I stuck it on top of the vase.  I've ordered those LED lights that can be put in water and I'm thinking one of those in the container to make the inside light up may look nice, but here is what I have for now.  I'm not sure if I like it...  It may turn out to hold flowers on "prom day."

If I decide not to use the feather pomanders in the vases, I think they'd look great as a centerpiece on some of the tables on top of my silver IKEA candlesticks.

Again, thank you everyone for your suggestions!  What fun ideas everyone had!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

More Buckets of Ballerinas

The Silhouette and I are getting to know each other better these days.  She has some quirks, but I'm beginning to figure her out :)  In my effort to get to know her better, I decided to make a banner for Grace's upcoming ballet recital.  (Apologies again for the glare - my crafting seems to take place after the kids are in bed, hence no natural sun light for the pictures.) Here is what I came up with.

I hand cut the pennants given that the Silhouette wasn't too fond of the glitter paper.
This weekend my friend Tina and I are having a "Crafting Sunday."  I'm excited to see what we'll come up with!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Buckets of Prom Prep 2

I am so excited to share these invitation ideas with you.  My fabulous cousin Amy (well, cousin-in-law, but she is such a sweetie, I'm claiming her as my cousin) is a graphics designer for a pretty cool retail company.  She completely floored me with these work-ups of invitations for Grace's prom party.  I think she has a calling in designing children's party invites/printables!  As soon as I saw them, I knew it was going to be a hard choice.  Grace has her favorite of course and since it's her party I'm letting her pick (I know, what a mom!)  But I'd love to hear from you as to what your favorite is!

Invite #1

 Invite #2

Invite #3

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Stumped by the Cute Prom People

When Grace announced her idea of a prom birthday party, I searched the internet high and low for ideas.  As I've admitted, I was not too successful.  I did find these cute "prom people" on Etsy however.  They are 3" tall prom kids.  I purchased 15 girls and 10 boys.

The pictures don't quite show the great details, but they are even more adorable in person.  The Etsy seller also sent along flowers to add to the boys' tuxes!

I may have figured out what to do with the disco balls, but these cute prom people have me stumped...  Originally I was going to use them for a banner/bunting.  But I have that area covered with other banners/bunting that I found to fit the theme. 

My other idea to use them was to attach them to the front of these containers that each girl is going to receive with her party favors.  But I'm not sure that will do them justice - they are SO cute and so detailed (the pictures don't show all the details unfortunately.)

So now I'm stuck...  What do I do with these cute people.  If you have any ideas, I'd love to hear from you...

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Buckets of Prom Prep

No, not a real prom.  But, Grace's Birthday Prom.  Yes, I am already planning Grace's birthday party and yes, it is a prom.  It is actually a cute story about how she decided on a prom theme. 

A few days after her 6th birthday last year, we happened to be out at a nice restaurant in Green Bay (yes we have those).  Coincidentally, the night we were out to dinner was the night most area schools were having their proms.  A large amount of prom goes happened to be at the restaurant.  I think Grace died and went to glittery tulle heaven.  There were several times I had to tell her to stop staring at the girls.  At some point I had to take her to the bathroom and but for me leading her by the hand, she would have ran into several of the girls.  After we returned to our table, out of no where Grace announces she wants a prom birthday party for her 7th birthday - in one year.  Of course the idea of tulle, glitter, disco balls and pretty dresses had me totally on board.  So we've been eagerly anticipating Grace's prom birthday party since last year.

My only concern with the theme was that it would be too mature.  So to make it more age appropriate, I tried to pick a "prom theme" that 7 year olds could relate to.  At least when I when I was on prom committee (I know, what a shock) we had a theme - not that I can remember it now.  I came up with having an "Enchanted Prom."  I thought I could stick to princesses and princes (for the poor boys that have to attend) and castles and tiaras. 

I think I've admitted that I'm pretty good at looking to others for ideas, but I'm not the most original in coming up with my own - so this party is quite a challenge.  I have yet to find a Prom Birthday party on any of the great party blogs.  But never fear, I've been able to adopt some great ideas for the party.  The first to spark my imagination was this picture from Southern Living:

Christmas Decorating Ideas: Disco Ball

I picked up quite a few disco ball ornaments from Hobby Lobby in various sizes during the Christmas season but wasn't sure how I'd make them "enchanted" rather than more fit for a 70's theme.  When I saw the idea from Southern Living, I knew that was what I'd do with the larger disco balls.  So here is what I created:


I made three of these and plan to hang them above the candy/favor table.  I can't wait to see how they'll look above the table.

So much more to do for the party, but oh so fun!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Valentine Bannner

Now that Christmas has been packed away for another year, my mind is thinking Valentine's Day.  I heart Valentine's Day.  For me, the day is more than the romance and chocolates.  I think of Valentine's Day as another day to make sure all the special people in my life know how important they are to me.  I'm hoping to pass this on to my children as well.  That's why I make them pose for goofy Valentine's pictures each year to send out to our friends and family.

And speaking of important people...  My lovely husband gave me a Silhouette Digital Cutter for Christmas (with a little help from my good friend Tina.)  It took me all Christmas break to think of a special project to "christen" my new toy.  Late Sunday afternoon with hours left of my Christmas vacation, I decided to make a Valentine banner.  So off to JoAnn I went at 4:00 in the afternoon to get my supplies, and yes, in the middle of the most important Packer game of the season!

It took me until 11:00 Sunday night, but here is what I made.  I apologize for the flash issue, but there really wasn't much natural light at 11:00 at night.  If you can't tell, it says, "Be Mine."

Here are a few close-ups. 


So then I decided at 11:00 p.m. when I finally went to bed on the night before I had to go back to work that I didn't like it.  And you know when you start thinking about things and you can't stop thinking...  So at midnight, I figured out what was wrong with it - the banner needed some dimension.  So out of bed I got and tried my hand at making paper fans.  I didn't actually make them, but I wanted to see if I could do it.  And sure enough, I could.  So tonight, here is my new and improved banner.

If you look closely, my paper fans are not the same size.  This was my first try so I'm bound to improve!  I still think it needs something, maybe glitter.  I'm sure some of my glitter loving party gals would agree :)


I'd love to hear which version you prefer.  And, if you own a Silhouette, I'd love to hear any tips you may have.  I had purchased some glittery card stock for the letters, but I think it was too thick to cut with the machine.  I also had a tough time peeling out some of the cuts, including some of the letters.  But it was my first try.  I told my husband, there must be a learning curve :)  I look forward to hearing from you!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Buckets of Thanks

Seeing as it is now a few days into 2011, I'd thought I'd take a moment to reflect on 2010.  We spent the New Year watching our Badgers play in the Rose Bowl with family and friends, including my 90 year old Grandma.  I thank God every day that she is still with us, and not only with us, but in great health and still as sharp as a tack - sometimes too sharp :)

Although the Badgers were not successful, we are still proud of them and had a great time watching the game.  Thank you to Betsy Pruitt from Belly Feathers for this adorable "Go Badgers" banner.  I'm hoping it brings us some good luck during basketball season!

I just want to take a moment and thank everyone who helped me get motivated to start this blog, especially Betsy and Michelle from Madycakes Muses.  I also want to thank everyone who has given me amazing feedback and support.  I never imagined that the "real professionals" would be so kind in acknowledging the parties I've hosted this year.  When I started this blog, I was hoping for 10 followers.  That the blog almost has 50 followers is amazing and humbling!

I'm looking forward to 2011 and excited to see where destiny may take me.

Happy New Year!